Arabella is a food and nutrition writer and cookbook author. She has published three cookbooks, which focus on deliciously thrifty cooking methods, and direct relationships with our farmers.

Arabella is a columnist for Fairfax Media and writes regularly for goodfood.com.au and The Age, Epicure. She is also a regular contributor to Organic Gardener Magazine, Diggers Magazine and The Melbourne Review. She is also a proud Ambassador for Oakwood Household Products and the Local Meal Box Program.

Arabella loves a good old chinwag with the camera and has been a regular presenter on Channel 10s Love to Share Food, It’s a Lifestyle TV and Taste of Travel. She’s also featured on Channel 10s The Project and The Circle. She has also recently established a youtube channel where she talks farming, sustainability and a little bit of cooking too.

Married to one of Australia’s first certified organic Dairy Farming Families, Arabella is passionate about developing direct relationships with local farmers and people becoming more informed about where their food comes from.

She is a Registered Nutritionist and Dietitian and has completed a Bachelor of Science Degree at RMIT University and a Masters Degree in Dietetics at Deakin University. She has worked for several years in Private Practice as a Dietitian before transferring her love of food to her kitchen and writing desk.